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Nov 2019 Calendar
“Old School Eats” (registration required B-Rex.com)
Learn about historic food trends, both traditional and bizarre in this 4 part series on holiday foods.
Broomfield Depot Museum
6 to 8 p.m.2201 W. 10th Ave. in Zang Spur Park


Wednesday Nov. 6th, “Historic & Holiday Traditions”
This first session explores historic holiday recipes both familiar and bizarre.

Wednesday Nov. 13th, “Food Trends of the Past”
This second session explores historic nutrition trends, including healthy holiday recipes through time.

Wednesday Nov. 20th, “Family Recipe Craft”
In this third session, you will create the file to laser cut your own family recipe into a cutting board, using tools available through inventHQ. You will need to go to inventHQ to print the cutting board at a later date.

Saturday Nov. 23rd, “Recipe Sharing & Potluck”
In this fourth session, you will share your personal holiday recipes and food with the other attendees.