Past Events

Tea Time: Celebrating Women in History IMG_20190309_1126527Women in Broomfield Tea Time Presentation

2018 Speaker Series

“The Untold Story of Peruvian Japanese during World War II”
Presented by: Charles’ brother Joe Ozaki, retired orthopedic surgeon along with Gil Asakawa, and Charles Ozaki Broomfield City and County Manager.

Oct 10 2018 presenters

Wild Women of the West
Presented by: Tom “Dr. Colorado” Noel and Jacqui Ainlay-Conley

Wild Women of the West


We Followed the Coal and Migrant Work  for a Better Life:
Reflecting on One Family’s Journey to Boulder County
Presented by: The Boulder County Latino History Project Advisory Committee and Tom Martinez







Adolph Zang”s Lakeside Amusement Park:
From the White City Beautiful to a Century of Fun
Presented by: David Forsyth, PhD

Mixed Blood:
The Love and Lineage of the First Families of the Santa Fe Trail
Presented by: Bill Gwaltney, Historian and former Assistant Regional Director
of the National Park Service


Was it the Weapon of Choice?
Smalpox and it’s Impact on the Frontier
|Presented by: John Monnett, PhD, Emeritus Professor
at the Metropolitan State University of Denver


The Temple Down the Street:
The Laotian Community Finding Hope and Opportunity in Ashes
Presented by: Sunnie Gist , Executive Administrator and Project Manager of the Lao Buddhist Temple of Denver and Emmy Thammasine, Lead Designer



Shep’s Depot Dog Days
Broomfield’s most famous canine gets a day in his honor each year. A stray dog known as Shep became a local celebrity in the 1950s, when tollbooth workers along what was then the Boulder-Denver Turnpike found Shep wandering around the tollbooth area. The event includes a Good Dog and a Shep Look-a-Like Contest.



“neverhome” was a walking tour of Zang Spur Park around the Broomfield Depot Museum, with site-specific performance by Control Group Productions. The route involves a ca. 3/4-mile walk along ADA compliant sidewalks and paths. The event was a partnership between Control Group Productions, the City & County of Broomfield’s Depot Museum, and the Friends of the Broomfield Depot Museum.



Escape the Museum
The year is 1936, the setting is the Broomfield Depot, and the problem is your missing brother, George. The last you heard, he was traveling as a hobo to Broomfield for work. You will have 60 minutes to solve puzzles and clues in a specific order to find out what happened to George. Bring your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone you know with excellent observation skills. All ages are welcome, but those under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.